Theological questions from a 4-year old

Fr. Kevin’s sermon of Aug. 16, 2015. “Theological questions from a 4-year old.” Click below on Video Play Arrow.

Three Cheers for Chuck

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The Will of God

For Fr. Lee’s Aug. 9, 2015 sermon, “The Will of God,” click on video play arrow below.

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Fr. Lee’s sermon, “Why?” of Sun. Aug. 2, 2015. Click on video play arrow below.




Interested in learning about The Order of the Daughters of the King? Click on the link below.

The Daughters of the King





Curious about Cursillo?  Click on the link below.




Baseball with the Bishop


bishop baseball 2015

Scripture Preview


To view Fr. Lee’s July 19 sermon, “Downtime,” click the play arrow on the video image below.

For Fr. Kevin’s sermon, “Why Me,” click on Play arrow in video image below.