Here is Fr. Kevin Warner’s  message from the front page of the February, 2015 edition of “Revelatons.”  To read the entire publication, click on the “Revelations” icon in the column at right.

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Annual Meeting


meeting recap  for 1-25-15

To read the Annual Report made available to all parishioners, click on link below.

SJD Annual Report – 2014/2015
















Meaningful Worship

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To hear Fr. Kevin Warner’s  Christmas Sermon

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 It was a Holly, Jolly Christmas gathering Dec. 14 for families, friends and kids of The Lord’s Lighthouse.  Many gifts of love, toys and presents of all kind were given, provided by personnel from MacDill Air Force Base, Lord’s Lighthouse donors, by the Men’s Club of St. John the Divine and other members of the parish.

Take a look at the video (click on link below) prepared by Sharon Silverglade.  As noted: “The giving just went on . .and on . .and on.”

Kennett’s Day

acolyte fest

To see more pictures from the Acolyte Fest and a video of the service, go to:  ACOLYTE FEST 2014   

                                                                                     Allie Maiocchi


Three Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask

To hear Fr. Lee’s latest message,

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Happy Anniversary, Maestro

Charles “Chuck” Wirick, on August 3rd, 2014, completed his 24th year as St. John the Divine’s Director of Music, for which the Parish offers its “love, admiration and gratitude.”

Chuck Wirick anniv aug 3 2014 for web


Of Hogs and Pelicans

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peli posts protest for web 2



peli rector ltr complete 2


Our New Rector

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Warner announcement for Web and Revelations

News and Information – June 29, 2014


Have you returned your pledge card?  Remember, we will soon call a full time rector and must maintain the ministries which are the reason this parish exists. Everyone’s help is needed. Please return your pledge card at your earliest convenience. Cards are available at the office and the Church Welcome Center.

VIDEO RECORDINGS (DVD’s) of the 11:00 am service are available, FREE OF CHARGE, each week for shut-ins.  For more information call Allie Maiocchi (813) 629-2002.

ALUMINUM CAN RECYCLING Drink more and bring the “aluminum” cans to church. Please place them in the recycling bin next to the dumpster. In the last twelve months the church has made over $1000.00 for recycled aluminum. With your help we can double that amount. If you have any questions or would like to help with this mission, please call Don Van Gelder at (813) 633-0373.

URGENT NEED FOR USHERS Ushers are needed – especially for the 8:00 am service.   Please call Ed Patrick at (813) 355-6598 for more information.

DIVINE DOLLAR Gift cards benefit SJTD as well as solving your gift giving needs. For more information, please call Elizabeth Frercks (813) 633-6675

GRACE GARDEN Introducing our GRACE GARDEN KEEPERS:   Team 1 – Wendy Smith, Dick Barrett, Sharon Rose, Dick Gingrich, Linda Barnum, Fred Dealaman.  Team 2  –  Pat and Don Wilbert, Joe and Maggie Pliska, Carrie Van Gelder, Greg and Kathy Bolduc, Jim Ray.  We have two groups.  Team 1 will work on Thursdays the FIRST and SECOND weeks of the month.  Team 2 will work on Wednesdays, the THIRD and FOURTH weeks of the month.  This way, no one will have too heavy a load to carry while sprucing up the garden and keeping it neat and good looking.  We will be having a wine and cheese party in the garden at the end of the month.  If you missed out on the first meeting of the teams and would like to help out, please sign up on the Garden Keepers sheet at the north counter.  Don’t forget, Bricks will be ordered on the first week of the month.  Envelopes are on the north counter.  Our new bricks have just arrived.

ART WALL We need to replace the empty spaces on the Art Wall with your works.  The art work will stay up for the remainder of the summer.  Please call Ilene at (813) 633-6564 to let me know what you have to hang and when you can bring it.

COFFEE HOURS On behalf of the Sunday kitchen crews, we would be grateful if you would bring in some goodies now and then for our fellowship hours.  Just leave your donation in the kitchen with a note that they are for Sunday.

ATTENTION ALL PARISHIONERS we needto know if any parishioner or family member of a parishioner is sent to the Hospital, to Assisted Living, or under Hospice care. Your Clergy, Eucharistic Ministers, and Pastoral Care Committee members would like to visit and would like to pray for you. Also, remember that Fr. Lee would be happy to visit with you and bring home Communion. Please call (813) 633-3970 with the information.  THANK YOU!!

UPDATING YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION Please notify the office if your contact information has changed (telephone number, email address, etc.).

REVELATIONS If anyone is NOT getting Revelations or the E-Bulletin, please call the church office and/or Carole Del Castillo with your email address.

PRAYER REQUESTS To make a request for prayers at services and in the bulletin please fill out a card at the Welcome Center or call the church office at (813) 633-3970.  Yellow cards are for thanksgivings; blue cards for intercessions.  Normally requests are for 2 Sundays.  If you need longer time, please specify the date you would like the request removed or mark “indefinitely” then place your cards in the basket.

PRAYER CHAIN When you want to request prayer, we have a team of people who will pray for you or those you love who are in need.  Call Barbara Marafiote at (813) 642-8133to have your request added to the prayer chain.  Or, you can send her an email at the address shown in the church directory.  We will pray for you for two (2) weeks – that is unless special needs continue beyond that time period – just let us know that. To have your name listed for prayer in the weekly bulletin, call the church office.

Remember, honor, or give thanks with Altar flowers: your donation of $20 will provide two vases. Mark your date on the flower chart in the parish hall. Put a $20.00 donation in the Flower Envelopes (in the pew). On the envelope note the name of person(s) and/or occasion for which flowers are offered. Please be sure to write the date to correspond with the one selected on the Flower Chart.  If simply making a donation to support the Altar Guild Flower Fund, just write DONATION at the top of the Flower Envelope.  Please make your checks payable to SJTD and on the memo line indicate that your check is for altar flowers. Drop the envelope in the collection plate during the offering. Questions? Please call Yoniece Miller (941) 723-6296.

SERVE AT THE ALTAR AS A LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS (LEM’s) are needed toassist the priest by administering the elements of Holy Communion and anointing with oil for healing. LEM’s may serve as an acolyte if none is present at a particular service. A consultation with Fr. Lee and approval by the Bishop is required. Please contact Thom Brown at (813) 634-7435 for more details.

ALTAR GUILD We need dedicated women (and men) to serve in this ministry.  Help is especially needed for the 8:00 am and 11:00 am service.  It requires one hour of your time preparing the altar on Saturday morning and a few minutes after the Eucharist on Sunday.  Please call Pheme Webb if you are able to help.  (813) 633-2162