Youth Group – Overview

We are the church!

Youth Group is for students in grades 6 through 12.

Regular meetings are Sunday from 5:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. including dinner and a study/homework hour 🙂

The main thrust of the program involves youth bible study. Meetings during the Fall, Winter & Spring occur as expected, however the Summer months find everyone traveling at one time or another. As such, we try to keep a tight calendar to locate those few precious weeks of Summer when everyone is home as well as available.

This is not to say that our youth are not involved during the summer months. Summer normally kicks off with a bang as the kids begin attending the Dicocesan Summer Camps at DaySpring  throughout the month of June. For those teens who also go on the Dominicant Republic Mission Trip, June can become a very busy month, indeed! While July commonly gives way to family vacations and finding any reason to celebrate something at our favorite hangout, August means preparation for school and the prep classes for the coming year’s bible study topics.

Several of the youth regularly attend the Diocesan weekends, New Beginnings (grades 6-8) and Happening (grades 9-12). These two 3-day retreat weekends are each held twice a year during the Fall and Spring.

We hold various fundraisers during the course of the year to support our myriad of interests as well as our yearly expenses; everything from the above-mentioned retreat weekends and camp to donating to kid-friendly charities to saving for our own mission trip. We have high hopes that the latter of these might take place in 2014. Our main goal with regard to fundraising is to enable the youth to be self-sufficient. We would prefer that, when the congregation donates money to one of our efforts they are receiving something in return.

The youth, small and mighty though we may be, knows how to have FUN too! It seems as if the world stops when we all get the chance to gather at our favorite hangout. We do our best to go at least every other month. When not noshing as a group (as any good Episcopalians would), we can be found at a number of events sprinkled throughout the year!


Katie Arp           813-705-2797           karp@mail.usf. edu

Anthony Primiano        (941) 705-2797