Welcoming Committee

Welcoming Committee

The purpose of the Welcoming Committee is to make guests feel welcome and become active members of our church, to attract people to our church, and to bring the gospel message to the unchurched. At each service, greeters welcome newcomers and give them a Welcome Packet and a “Divine Duckie”. Newcomers have a “sponsor” to help them feel at home and make friends at the church.

 Luncehons and Receptions The committee hosts luncheons and receptions to officially welcome and orient our newcomers. We also organize New Member Recognition days to celebrate the commitment made by those who formally join our church. In 2010, St. John the Divine received 33 new members.

 ”Hello, New Neighbor” letters and welcome brochures are mailed to new residents, introducing them to St. John the Divine.

 Neighborhood Walks The committee organizes walks through neighborhoods near St. John the Divine to meet and invite residents to church.

 Civic Affairs We participate in local Chambers of Commerce events and host a table at the Annual Sun City Center FunFest.

 Adult Inquirers Members of the committee assist Fr. Tracy in an adult Inquirers’ Class; this six-session class, usually beginning in January, is designed for persons new to the Episcopal Church, new to this parish, long-time Episcopalians, or just interested in the Christian faith.

 The Welcome Center contains information about the Episcopal Church and St. John the Divine, a guest book, sign-up sheet for name badges, and other appropriate items.

 The Welcoming Committee meets at 3:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month. We welcome you to become a part of this rewarding ministry. I thank the enthusiastic and dedicated members of this committee for their faithful work.

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