Lay Eucharitstic Ministers & Visitors

Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors

Lay Eucharistic Minister assist the priest at the altar by administering the elements of Holy Communion and in anointing oil for healing. LEM’s may perform the functions of an acolyte if none is present at a particular service.

Contact: Thom Brown634-7435

Lay Eucharistic Visitors take the consecrated bread and wine to parishioners who are ill, homebound or in nursing homes.  LEV’s receive special training and are authorized to conduct a brief service of Holy Eucharist at the person’s place of residence.

Because of the qualifications required, there is an application and interview process for both Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lay Eucharistic Visitors after approval by the Rector.  They must also be licensed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Southwest Florida.

Catherine Lanoue 633-4137