FellowshipFellowship, or friendship, is crucial for Christians.  Humans are social animals.  We need each other. Here are some of the activities enjoyed at St. John The Divine.

  • Coffee Hour after each Sunday service
  • Frequent luncheons, dinners and parties
  • Lenten dinners
  • Inquirers’ Class dinners
  • Gatherings after memorials or funerals
  • Big Tent Barbeque
  • Celebration Sunday
  • Newcomer Welcome Receptions
  • Holiday Dinners
  • Special Events

Fellowship groups within the parish include:

  • The Women of St. John the Divine
  • The Men of St. John the Divine
  • St John’s Angels (widows and single women)
  • Dinner Groups (rotating informal dinners and fellowship in small gatherings at parishioners’ homes)

The Fellowship Committee develops and implements an organized program of Christian fellowship in the congregation.  It’s a fun and rewarding ministry