Altar Guild & Flower Ministry – Overview

Altar Guild and Flower Ministry

Altar GuildThe Altar Guild prepares the altar and church for Sunday worship services, baptisms, weddings and funerals.  They are responsible for changing altar hangings, washing and ironing altar linens, working with candles, silver, brass and vestments, organizing and restocking the books and other items in  the pews, and ordering the altar flowers.

The Altar Guild meets twice each year, in the spring and fall.  At these times, members sign up on the monthly duty roster for a period of six (6) months.

On Saturday, the group schedule for Sunday, picks up the flowers and prepares for the coming Sunday.  On Sunday morning, they arrive early to do  the final set-up and to count the parishoners as they arrive for each service.  After the service, the Altar Guild members take down, clean and, if needed, set up for the next service.

After services have concluded, members of the Flower Ministry deliver the altar flowers to those who are ill, homebound or i nursing homes.