Dewdrop Inn

Let’s call it Dewdrop Inn. . .

. . .  It’s a play on words  that you, no doubt, have seen all across the country, from an inviting lodge-style retreat, a beautiful rustic cottage, a beach home escape or perhaps event a fancy top-rated restaurant like  the one in Honolulu.  For our purposes, it’s an invitation to Bible Study where each week we  take a look at the scripture lessons for the next Sunday.  It’s Do Drop Inn because you can drop in any Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. for the teachings.  No reservations required.

However, we will have a Sign Up Sheet for you to let us kn ow you are coming.  And, for all those who sign up, we will provide hand-outs of materials for further study on those scriptures.

If you are one of those person who comes to a Sunday service with absolutely no background on  the Psalm for the day or, even worse, don’t understand its meaning, this class is for you!

You are hearing the Old and New Testament lessons on Sunday but wonder if there is a core theme that both share, and maybe if the Gospel also shares that theme, this class is for you!

Father Kevin and I almost always use the Gospel lesson for the basis of the sermon on Sunday.  Would a  study of that scripture provide you with an even deeper appreciation of the application presented?  Then, this class is for you!

The Dewdrop Inn classes begin the middle of July and the conclusion of our Remember the Word series.  It has been my hope that those attending would develop an even greater desire to get into The Word.  I believe this new series can continue that desire.

It’s Wednesday evenings at 7.  Do drop in!

                                                                                       Fr Lee